4 Ways to Improve Hip Mobility


Getting some tightness and possibly pain in your hips? If so, you are not alone…this is common and happens to the best of us, especially as we sit more and more. Most people have some sort of limitation in their hip movement, which leads to loss of performance, and increased injury risk. The 4 hip mobility exercises below are great to help you move better, prevent injury, and improve your hip mobility.

  1. Banded Hip External Rotation

    • External rotation of your hip is vital for squatting, sitting, and putting your knee in a good position during explosive and powerful movements. Improving your hip rotation will serve you well. Spend 2-3 minutes with this drill each leg.
    • [fusion_video video=”https://videos.files.wordpress.com/FYAbmmY0/img_9907_hd.mp4″ video_webm=”” width=”” controls=”” preload=”” loop=”yes” autoplay=”yes” mute=”yes” preview_image=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=”” css_id=”” overlay_color=”” border_radius_top_left=”” border_radius_top_right=”” border_radius_bottom_right=”” border_radius_bottom_left=”” box_shadow=”no” box_shadow_vertical=”” box_shadow_horizontal=”” box_shadow_blur=”0″ box_shadow_spread=”0″ box_shadow_color=”” alignment=”” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=””][/fusion_video]
  2. Posterior Hip Mobilization

    • The calf and hamstring musculature cross and support the knee joint. Improving the tissue mechanics and free range here can improve the knee health, as well as improve your ability to fold at the hips and have more hamstring flexibility. Perform the drill below for 2-3 minutes each leg.

  3. Anterior Hip Opener

    • Sit A lot? If you do, it is likely you rarely get your leg behind you. This drill helps to improve your hip extension, protect your back, and keep you hip joint healthy. Perform 2-3 minutes each leg.

  4. Kettle Bell Goblet Squat Test

    • Ever sit lower than chair level for more than the 1/2 of a second when you do squats? If not, it is a problem. Grab a kettle bell and use the weight to hang out at the bottom of a squat for 10 minutes….Warning, not as easy as it sounds. Give it a try.


Try these out first. Didn’t Help your Hip Tightness?

Seek out a professional assessment to get tailored advice for your specific problem. Stiff hips can be tricky, make sure can get to the root of your problem before it drags out and gets worse.

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