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We help grappling athletes with injury rehab & programming from around the globe from our virtual Grapplers Performance clinic.

As grapplers ourselves we know just how frustrating it can be to have an injury keep you on the sidelines or know you’re plateauing while all your friends get better. We help you regain control of your body and get back to training how you like with 3 steps – first calm things down, second build back and finally maintain & sustain. 

Get started today by downloading one of our free injury guides or get in touch for a free initial phone consultation with Grapplers Performance founder, Dalton Urrutia MSc. During your consultation we will diagnose what is going on and determine the next best steps to get you back to 100%.  

Get started today with one of our free Injury Rehab Guides for BJJ athletes

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As a collegiate national wrestler & BJJ competitor that struggled with misdiagnosed injuries & bad medical advice, it became my mission to specialize in grappling injuries to help keep people on the mat. Grappling athletes are a different breed of people, my favorite breed of people. Get in touch for a free phone consultation so that you can regain control of your body, train how you’d like & not be caught-out on the sidelines.

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