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Working with Dalton has been the best service I have received from a physio/physical therapist, and I have worked with quite a few over the years of training. It was clear from the beginning that Dalton’s goal is to help his clients get back to training as soon, but as safely as possible. He took into account my training and competition goals, and assured me that my injury will recover and that I will eventually be able to return to almost full-time training. After the initial consultation I was sent a very thorough follow-up email, outlining the details of my injury, a timeframe for returning to training with a week-by-week breakdown of the process and an explanation of how the exercises would help me recover. The things that really set Dalton apart from other physios is the personalisation of the programme, and the constant communication. I was encouraged to keep in touch with any questions or concerns that I had regarding my injury, and always received a prompt and detailed reply. Excellent, friendly service from a very knowledgeable physio. Probably the best physio you could go to as a BJJ, Wrestling or Grappling competitor or hobbyist.

Joss Ayres

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