Live Knee Pain Assessment

Knee Pain Assessment & Rehab Plan

Join us as diagnosis and start an initial rehab plan during a live knee pain assessment in our Friday Q&A.

Friday Live Q&A’s

Each Friday we go live on Instagram for a Q&A. Anyone who joins in can ask questions or even jump on for a live assessment. You can see when the next one is happening by heading to our Instagram.

Knee Pain Assessment

This Friday we had a wrestler jump on who has been struggling with knee pain during his level changes and shots. Together we figure out where and how he’s feeling pain and diagnose what’s the cause. We then get him started on an initial rehab plan to get his symptoms to calm down and to keep him on the mats. Check it out below!

If you want a free forum to ask questions, please do join us for our Friday live Q&A’s! Anything on your mind injury, strength, conditioning, programming or rehab is fair game.

Are you also struggling with Knee Pain?

Be sure to check out our free knee pain rehab guide! In it we take you through step by step how to figure out what’s going & alleviate your pain. Get access HERE.

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