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Shoulder Movement Screen Workshop

Friday January 27th at 3pm PST with Dalton Urrutia PT

Learn 3 common restricted movements that lead to shoulder and neck pain. How to test them, find them, and fix them. Join in and find your restrictions. 


Painful Armbars: Understand the Elbow & What to Do

with Dalton Urrutia PT

What should you do after a painful armbar? The elbow is a complex joint & in this live online workshop we will dive into the different potential injuries as well as next steps to start your road to recovery. Hosted live, get a chance to have your specific questions answered by founder of Grapplers Performance, Dalton Urrutia.

Are You at Risk for the Most Common BJJ Injuries?

with Dalton Urrutia PT

Can you pass the tests? Three screens we use to test for problems that lead to the most common grappling injuries, and how to fix them.


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