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Knee Rehab Guide – Bend it Pain Free

General knee joint pains can be caused by a variety of factors. For join related issues simple ways to gap the joint often help get symptoms moving in the right direction to be able to bend your knee pain free.

How often do you hyper extend your knee?

Probably never. However you should have up to 5° of hyper extension for a healthy knee joint. A controlled knee hyper extension stretch, feels good. Improves the ease and feeling of the knee joint and can help calm down any lingering pain.

Here’s a quick way to gap your knee joint & relieve pain.

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Use our Knee Injury Rehab Guide to get your pain under control fast and take the first steps to get back to training like you want.

Because we’re grapplers, we understand the common injuries, what structures get damaged, and what to do. Our intro guides includes the most effective methods we regularly use to help athletes get control of their pain and injury(s). It can help you too!

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Knee pain injury rehab guide for BJJ Athletes


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