BJJ Injury Healing Times


If you are a BJJ athlete, you already know….Injuries happen. Some are worse than others, however everyone will get injured at some point. Because of this, understanding the typical BJJ Injury healing time for different severity of injury is important.

BJJ Injuries

This post is mean to be a quick reference guide to showcase how long you can expect certain types of injures to heal. These are general timeframes and injuries may differ from these depending on severity.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS):

Example; Sore legs after a squat workout.

0-3 Days

Muscle Strain:

Example; Pulled hamstring after being pulled into the splits

BJJ Muscle Injury

Grade 1: 0-2 Weeks

Grade 2: 1 Week-3 months

Grade 3: 3 Weeks-6 Months

Ligament Sprain:

Example; Sprained ankle after not tapping to a foot lock in time.

BJJ Ligament Injury

Grade 1: 0-3 Days

Grade 2: 3 Week-6 months

Grade 3: 5 Weeks-1 Year

Tendon Injuries:

Example; Achilles tendon pain developing over a few weeks of training

BJJ Tendon Injury

Tendinitis: 3 Weeks-7 Weeks

Tendonosis: 3 Months-6 Months

Partial Tear: 5 Weeks-6 Months

Bone Injury:

Example; Bone bruise or fracture after a hard fall

BJJ Bone Injury

5 Weeks-3 Months

Joint Cartilage Repair

Example; OA of knee articular cartilage

BJJ Joint Cartilage Injury

2 Months-2 Years

Ligament Graft:

Example; ACL reconstruction surgery

BJJ ACL Injury

2 Months-2 Years

Keep in mind, these are general guidelines for BJJ injury healing times. Your injury will vary depending on the structures damaged and the severity.

Not sure how bad it is?

Make sure and get assessed by a healthcare professional familiar with your sport, common positions and mechanisms of injuries, and training requirements.

Getting an injury assessed and properly rehabbed can save you time, and further injury in the future.


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