5 Ways to Help Painful Knees from BJJ


Getting some tightness and Painful Knees from BJJ? If so, you are not alone…this is common and happens to the best of us. Most people leave it to go away on it’s own, however being pro-active about it will serve you well. The video above highlights the following points to quickly try and resolve some of your knee problems.

  1. Hydration & Glucosamine

    • H2O. Drink Water. Plenty of it. Staying hydrated is one of the quickest way to help your joints and preserve normal tissue function. Drink 1 oz per kilogram of body weight per day. This is a general rule of thumb, adjust accordingly.
    • Glucosamine – a common supplement used to help with joint preservation and pain. Glucosamine plays a vital role in cartilage production and research has shown to help preserve joints over time. Must be taken consistently to have a good effect.
  2. Supra-patellar Pouch (Above the Knee cap)

    • The Quad muscles feed into the quadricep tendon in this area. Tightness and reduced sliding affect the pressure through the kneecap and can cause some creakiness and pain. Lay on a lacrosse ball in this area and bend/straighten your knee while moving it around. Spend 1-2 minutes here.
  3. Posterior knee

    • The calf and hamstring musculature cross and support the knee joint. Improving the tissue mechanics and free range here can improve the knee. Squeeze a lacrosse ball on the outer and inner parts of the knee for 1-2 minutes each to help.
  4. Knee Extension

    • If we never get our knee completely straight, this can increase tension, irritation and cause painful knees, especially around the knee cap. Getting the knee all the way straight using our muscle can regulate extra pressure on the knee and reduce creakiness. Put a band around the back of your knee, and straighten the knee under tension. Relax and repeat. 1-2 minutes here.
  5. Quad Stretch

    • Improving the length of the quad can feed slack to the knee. If your quads are tight, you can have increased pressure, creaking, clicking and all the rest around your knees. Use the couch stretch here to get a good quad stretch. Contract relax the glutes 6-10 seconds each for 1-2 minutes.

Try these out first. Didn’t Help your Painful Knees?

Seek out a professional assessment to get tailored advice for your specific problem. Painful knees from BJJ can be tricky, make sure can get to the root of your problem before it drags out and gets worse.


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