After you figure out what structures got injured and clear any bony injuries, it’s time to start rehab on your armbar injury. Don’t let elbow pain keep you off the mats!

At Grapplers Performance we use 3 phases in our rehab plans:
1. Control symptoms & normalize movement
2. Rebuild and strengthen
3. Maintain and sustain

Initial steps to rehab an armbar injury

For rehab on an armbar injury, we focus first on reducing pain and normalizing the range of movement. To do this we treat the joint, improve the soft tissue restrictions, and then activate the muscles in their new opened up ranges.

In the video below I walk through on the activation exercises we typically start with – End of Range Loading.

End of Range Loading for Armbar Injury Rehab

  1. Get a band or dumbbell
  2. Get as close to extension as you can.
  3. Hold for 5 seconds.
  4. Relax and repeat 20 times.

    This start to open up our extension in the elbow and gets us moving towards rebuilding full capacity in the joint.

We did a free Armbar workshop going through specific techniques on how to successfully rehab an armbar injury. Get access now.

Rehab Armbar Injury first steps

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