Benefits of Training Zones

Benefits of Training Zones

Training zones are a way to structure and monitor the intensity of your physical activity in order to help you achieve specific fitness goals. By dividing your workout into different intensity zones, you can ensure that you are targeting specific energy systems and physiological adaptations. There are several different ways to define training zones, but a common method is to use heart rate as the primary indicator of intensity.

Check out our video where we breakdown the benefits of training zones.

Some of the benefits of training zones include:

Improved Cardiovascular Fitness

By working at different intensities, you can target different energy systems and improve your overall cardiovascular fitness.

Increased Endurance

By training at lower intensities, you can improve your endurance and ability to sustain activity over a longer period of time.

Increased Power and Speed

By training at higher intensities, you can improve your power and speed, which can be beneficial for athletes and those who want to improve their performance in sports or other physical activities.

Better Fat Burning

By training in specific zones, you can target the fat burning process more effectively.

Better Muscle Building

By training in specific zones, you can target muscle building process more effectively.

Better Recovery

By monitoring your heart rate and training in specific zones, you can ensure that you are not overtraining, which can lead to injury and burnout.


Training zones can be customized to your fitness level and goals, so you can focus on the areas you want to improve.

It’s important to note that training zones are not one-size-fits-all. We’re soon to launch some exciting new features with Grapplers Performance that enable you to get super personalized data on your specific training zones and how to reach your goals.

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