Bend your Elbow pain free after armbar injury

Get Back to a Pain Free Elbow Bend

As we go deeper into our month on armbar and elbow injuries, today we’re sharing another movement to help open up pain-free range of movement while bending your elbow.

Remember that if you get an armbar injured the first step is to find out what structures got injured and clear any bony injuries before starting rehab.

Make sure you check out our free Armbar workshop. We go in depth into everything from start to finish on elbow injuries, particularly those caused by a painful armbar. Check it out here.

At Grapplers Performance we use 3 phases in our rehab plans, first controlling the symptoms and normalizing movement, second rebuilding and strengthening and finally maintaining and sustaining.

Steps to a pain-free elbow bend

In our first phase for armbar rehab we focus on reducing pain and normalizing range of movement. To do this we start by treating the joint, improving the soft tissue restrictions and then activating the muscles in the new opened up ranges. The exercise below is a great way to treat the joint and open up pain-free range of movement in the elbow flexion (bending the elbow).

Elbow Bend (Flexion) Exercise

  1. Grab your belt or a towel and roll it up (it may take a few tries to get the correct thickness).
  2. Put it into your elbow pit and bend your elbow fully.
  3. Press for 6 seconds
  4. Take a break
  5. Repeat 10 times

While doing the stretch you should feel a slight stretch / pull / pressure around the elbow joint. This is one of the first steps to getting back to full use of your elbow.

Bend your Elbow pain free after armbar injury

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