Tight Shoulders? Try this bicep smash

Bicep Smash for Tight Shoulders

Didn’t pass our shoulder rotation test?

Tight shoulders are super common & it’s fairly easy to get immediate improvement in a few ways. A bicep smash is a great way to improve the soft tissue limiting the joint. However biceps are just 1 of a few areas we target to improve shoulder movement.

Grab a barbell, work on your biceps with this bicep smash & re-test your shoulder rotation. It should have improved!

A few other ways to improve your shoulder internal rotation are:

1. Improve joint position & mechanics (mobilization, traction, etc)
2. Improve soft tissues limiting the joint (soft tissue work, PNF, EOR contractions) aka the bicep smash!
3. Activate muscle & challenge your nervous system in new ideal range.

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