How to create effective strength & conditioning program

How to Create Effective Programming for BJJ Athletes

When programming for BJJ athletes, strength & conditioning programs should be designed in a way that serve the athlete’s progression towards their specific goals.

In order to do this programming should be:

1. Measurable & Testable – Can we track progress?
2. Effective – Can you track progress & predict outcomes within a time frame?
3. Specific – How does each component of a program fit to move the athlete closer to their goal(s).

Designing effective programming for BJJ athletes is simple. Start with “why.” If you start here and find the goal, you can then reverse engineer a program. Working in this way will ensure that your program is the breadcrumbs leading you in the right direction.

Next the “how.” Create an effective plan to keep you on track. The key metrics to measure and program around are volume & intensity – if you aren’t doing this, you should be. In the video below I touch a bit on volume & intensity, why they’re important and how they need to be utilized together in order to create an effective BJJ program.

The next steps? Write out your current workouts & calculate the volume & intensity for each workout. Do your volume & intensity work together to keep you on track to your goals & healthy for the long-term?

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