How hard are your workouts?

Using I.N.O.L. for Better Workouts

Intensity for Number of Lifts – I.N.O.L.

Are you using it? If not, then you’re missing a simple way to rate and track the overall difficulty of a particular exercise in a workout session. Or how to quantitively program across a week effectively.

INOL is calculated by Sets X Reps / (100 – %1RM)

So for example:
Squats 4 sets X 4 reps at 85% 1RM
= 4×4 / (100-85)
= 16/15
= 1.06 INOL

An INOL of 1.06 for a single session exercise falls into the tough category. This is a hard workout, and will be effective in loading you correctly to improve strength.

Using INOL you can program effectively, balancing workouts within an intelligent plan. If you are creating your own lifting programs, this is a simple way to make sure you’re assigning the correct volume & intensity to your workouts based on your goals to stay injury free & train for the long-run.

Let me know what your INOLS are for your workouts in the comments below!

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