Does your shoulder rotate? BJJ MOVEMENT SCREEN

External Shoulder Rotation Test – BJJ Movement Screen

External rotation of the shoulder is vital to create a stable joint & prevent injuries, especially in grappling sports. Athletes lacking external rotation often end up with shoulder pains and other problems further down the line, like elbow joint pains and nerve pains that can extend down the wrist and fingers.

In the second of our movement screens for showcasing your risk for common BJJ injuries we’re looking at the external rotation of the shoulder. Missed the first one? Test your internal shoulder rotation here!

Follow the steps in the video to easily test your external shoulder rotation.

Don’t have full range of movement? Time to work on it!

Head over to ourĀ free online workshops & get access to our Common BJJ Injury Movement Screens Workshop. In this workshop we went over 3 movement screens to assess your risk level for common BJJ injuries & the associated fixes.

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