Shoulder Extension Test BJJ movement screen

Shoulder Extension Test – BJJ Movement Screen

Is your shoulder extension where it should be?

The 3rd movement screen we are covering for common BJJ injuries is the shoulder extension.

Your shoulder should allow your arm to go behind your back 45-60 degrees, without compensations. This movement is important for running, pulling movements like arm drags, fighting grips, bracing on the ground for technical stand-ups, and more. Athletes lacking shoulder extension often end up with anterior shoulder pains, bicep tendon issues, and other problems further down the arm.

Test your shoulder Extension by following 3 easy steps:

1. Clasp your hands behind your back
2. Straighten your arms and keep your shoulders back
3. Without letting go of this position, lift your arms backwards, we should see 45-60 degrees of movement.

How did you do? Did you pass?

If not, be sure to head over to ourĀ free online workshops & get access to our Common BJJ Injury Movement Screens Workshop. In this workshop we went over this alongside 2 other movement screens to assess your risk level for common BJJ injuries & the associated fixes.

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