How to fix a jammed finger grapplers performance

How to Fix a Jammed Finger

Finger injuries are a dime a dozen in BJJ and one of the most common is the classic jammed finger. So how to fix a jammed finger?

Often a jammed finger will leave you with a swollen, painful and difficult to bend finger joint. Instead of just leaving it & hoping it’ll heal on its own, here’s a simple mobilization with movement technique that can help speed up the recover the process. It gets the joint moving again and brings the pain levels down.

Jammed Finger Fix – Mobilization with Movement

This jammed finger fix works by gapping the joint that’s ‘jammed’ and bending it through its available range. For best results repeat 30 times, 2-3 times a day.

If you have another finger injury, be sure to check out our Common BJJ Finger injury post where we walk through the 5 most common BJJ finger injuries and the different techniques in order to fix them fast.

How to fix a jammed finger


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