Jammed finger treatement grapplers performance

Jammed Finger Treatment for Side-to-Side Strain

Another finger injury common in BJJ athletes is a side-to-side pull/strain to the middle finger joint. This will leave you with a swollen, painful, and difficult to bend finger joint. Left long enough, simple tasks like holding your phone or carrying groceries can become painful and difficult. Here’s a jammed finger treatment to try especially for a side-to-side pull or strain.

Jammed Finger Treatment

Here’s a simple mobilization with movement technique to get the joint moving again and getting the pain levels to come down.

  • Slide the upper part of the joint in one direction, and the lower part in the opposite direction.
  • Maintain the pressure and bend the finger joint.
  • If it feels better, it is the right direction, it’s the off direction if it feels worse, repeat but opposite directions for the upper and lower joint.
  • Repeat 30 times, 2-3 times a day.

Give this a go as it’s a great first starting block to get your pain levels down and your full grip back.

We cover 5 common finger injuries in our ‘Common BJJ Finger Injury’ blog post. Check it out here.

jammed finger treatment grapplers performance

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