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6 Quick Ways to Improve Your Health

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  1. Simple Sustainable Practices for Better Overall Wellness

Living a healthier life is all about making good, sustainable choices. Trying to reach health goals by making massive and difficult changes or focusing only on extreme goals tends to be difficult to sustain. That doesn’t mean you should aim for less, or only put in small efforts, however. What it does mean is that you need to find health and wellness routines and strategies that you can fit into your daily schedule, so that they integrate into it seamlessly. Often this does mean starting small and working your way towards bigger goals. But sustainability for the long term must be key.

2. Don’t procrastinate when it comes to making changes.

When you’re looking at big long-term goals, getting there can feel impossible. So, you may feel it’s futile even to start. Or the whole project may seem so overwhelming, you keep putting it off. In such cases, the main thing holding you back is your own reluctance to get started. Overcome this by setting your sights on smaller goals you can achieve right now: for instance, get up and do a five-minute workout. There – you are now just that much closer to achieving your goals of health and fitness. And you’ve started to make exercise part of your schedule.

3. Learn to set boundaries and protect your space.

It’s especially hard to make good changes in your life if you have no time or space for yourself, and always seem to be rushing against the clock. So, the first step toward healthier habits might be simply to learn to set boundaries. This may mean taking a distance from relationships that exhaust your emotional energies. It may mean saying no to people who are asking too much of you. Once you have a clear space in which to breathe and think, it will be easier to find the motivation to pursue healthy goals.

4. Create a home atmosphere that is conducive to wellness.

What is the mood like in your home? How do you feel when you spend time in your house? If being at home makes you feel stressed out, unmotivated, or negative about your life, you may want to consider some physical alterations to create a more positive space. One way you can do this is by clearing away any clutter, organizing your living spaces, and getting rid of unnecessary junk. If your furniture is grimy or tattered see about replacing or reupholstering it or putting on new attractive furniture covers. Try to create clear, well-lighted, airy spaces where you can meditate, exercise, or just relax.

5. It helps when you feel confident about your body.

Creating a more positive space will hopefully inculcate a more positive mindset, so you feel confident about your body and your life. Other things you can do to increase your confidence are focus on maintaining good posture, getting a little exercise in for an energy boost, and updating your wardrobe with clothes that you can feel comfortable and attractive in. When you feel good about your appearance, it can be easier to keep making healthy decisions. If you need to shop online, however, don’t make purchases without reading reviews and sizing charts carefully.

6. Don’t neglect to hydrate.

Regular hydration is essential for the health of every part of your body – and it can improve mental health as well. You may sometimes forget to drink enough water in cold weather or if you aren’t exercising, so try to keep a water bottle handy and remind yourself to drink from it throughout the day. If you are doing exercise such as running, lifting, or performance – or if your job entails a lot of physical exertion – extra hydration will be required.The great thing about moving toward a healthier overall lifestyle is that you can start to feel the benefits almost immediately. Hopefully, this will motivate you to press on. And remember, if you are experiencing any kind of injury that makes it harder to exercise, it’s important to seek good care and treatment. Grapplers Performance specializes in physical therapy for grappling-related injuries, so if this is something that’s been holding you back, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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