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Leg Strength Challenge

You can back squat 400 pounds, but what if I put you in the position you need for a takedown?

I like to gauge strength using positional tests. A good level change and initial takedown movement for BJJ and wrestling looks a lot like this deep lunge position. Developing a strong base here and being able to move well from that position without compromising force or power will put you in better positions and have more effective takedowns.

One of my favorite challenges is to put very strong athletes in a deep lunge isometric hold, and watch their legs melt. Think you can pass?

Leg Strength Challenge

  1. Grab 10 – 20 pounds of weight
  2. Get into a deep lunge, 90/90 position
  3. Lift your back knee barely off the ground
  4. HOLD for 1 minute on each leg

Can you finish 3 sets of this? Very few people can.

We use positional tests at Grapplers Performance to highlight weaknesses in our athletes that can lead to injury. We then fix them to keep them in control of their body and training like they want.

How is your strength in this position? Give it a try and let us know in the comments below!


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