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BJJ Injuries: How to Overcome and Keep Training

How to Overcome BJJ Injuries

BJJ can put a strain on your body, and accidental injuries are inevitable. Fortunately, there are ways to both prevent and treat the damage from these mishaps so you can continue training for the long-term. Read on for tips on how to recover from BJJ injuries and keep training safely for optimal performance. Don’t forget, we have FREE Injury Guides to help too.

Physical Therapy Techniques for BJJ Injuries

Physical therapy can be extremely beneficial for understanding your injury and speeding recovery. A physical therapist can help you safely strengthen and regain mobility in the injured area. If a BJJ injury has left you dealing with chronic pain or insufficient joint range of motion, utilizing physical therapy techniques is important. Develop a personalized plan with exercises and techniques to control your pain and progress back into full training without further injuring your body. At Grapplers Performance, we progress athletes through our 3-Phase recovery process. 1. Control symptoms. 2. Build up deficits. 3. Maintain & Sustain the results. This process has helped hundreds of athletes overcome BJJ injuries, and it can help you too.

Improve Mobility & Flexibility

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Improving your mobility and flexibility can help give you a better range of motion that reduces the risk for injuries. In the first 2 phases we address specific joint and soft tissue deficits which often contribute to the primary driver of an injury. Doing specific joint treatment can work to increase flexibility and help you move more fluidly on the mat. Additionally, addressing soft tissue restrictions before your training session helps reduce tightness in the muscles, while increasing blood flow to the injured area. Improving mobility and flexibility helps keep your body healthy, safe and ready to jump back into training!

Recover with Adequate Sleep and Nutrition

When trying to recover from a BJJ injury, your body needs rest and recovery as much as possible. Get at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night and focus on eating healthy, nutritious meals throughout the day. For optimal muscle health and repair, make sure you are getting enough protein through healthy sources, like whole foods. Vegetables and fruits should also be included in your diet for vitamins and minerals that support muscular health. Training hard is a requirement to improve. Recovering juts as hard keeps your body strong and healthy to meet the demands you are pushing it through.

BJJ Injuries Don’t Go Away on Their Own

BJJ injuries often linger if they are left to heal on their own. With the high demands of training and impact on the joints and muscles, specific treatment protocols are required to completely fix injuries. I have seen BJJ athletes that struggled with injuries for over 2 years, but were able to fully recover in 2 months or less. If you have an injury, tell us about it. We can help you fix it and get back to what’s most important…Training hard and often, without pain!


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