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Solve Your Injury For Good

We succeed where others have failed you.

We hear the same story over and over again and it’s a shame. Nearly every patient has a similar story; “I saw a PT, a chiro, a doctor, an osteo, a (fill in the blank), and 6 months later, I am still where I started, maybe even worse.” Sound familiar? I can tell you why, and how I solve your injury for good, when others miss, over and over and over again.

One of our favorite success stories: Listen to his story, it may sound very similar to where you are at right now.

It is really simple actually. Too simple. But simple doesn’t mean easy. I help where other’s drop the ball for a few easy reasons.

  1. I take the time to listen to your FULL Story. Often the secret is hidden in the details that other practitioners don’t have the time to dig into. Hello 60-90 minute initial evaluations.
  2. The goal is simple. Find the Primary Driver of your problem and fix it. Treating symptoms keeps you in the pain cycle. Good for more visits. Bad for your success. We complete a full injury assessment to find your restrictions.
  3. Together, we make an actual plan and wrap a timeframe around it, based on your goals. Typically this is 2-3 months. Leaving you feeling better than you thought you could, and educated to handle simple injuries on your own, before they become big injuries.

How we consistently solve your injury for good

Focus on getting back to what is most meaningful to you. Can’t lift weights anymore and starting to notice the weakness? Sitting on the side, watching your friends have all the fun during live sparring? Missing practice completely because your back spasmed? Told you should quit completely? These are all unacceptable. They are avoidable and shouldn’t be your normal.

What is the primary driver of 90% of the injuries I see and help athletes overcome? Movement restrictions. It is that simple. The vast majority of athletes we work with don’t have basic movement requirements for grappling sports. They force their body to move as such (or others do for them), and it over-loads joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles, etc. A great example of this is Shoulder Internal Rotation. Missing this key movement? You’re in for neck and shoulder problems. Here is a quick test

Shoulder Internal Rotation Test BJJ movement Screen
Solve Your Injury For Good

Lack of Shoulder Internal Rotation is a common primary driver. Once we find your primary driver(s), we put you through our system to fix it and solve your injury for good. Simple. Effective. Has helped 100’s of athletes. Why don’t other’s do this? We are trained to treat symptoms, not find and fix drivers. This is the NUMBER 1 reason I left my job and started Grapplers Performance. I was constrained to keep people feeling better, but never truly healed. Not good enough for me.

At Grapplers Performance, we are just getting the ball rolling. We are on a mission to help 10,000 athletes solve their problem(s) for good, learn to self-mange future injuries, and take back control of their health. Keeping more people on the mats and doing the sport we all love.

If you are struggling with an injury, send us a message. We can help.

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