BJJ Injury Healing Times

BJJ Injury Healing Times

BJJ Injury Healing Times   If you are a BJJ athlete, you already know….Injuries happen. Some are worse than others, however everyone will get injured at some point. Because of this, understanding the typical BJJ Injury healing time for different severity of injury is important. This post is mean to be a quick reference guide …

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Taping for Knee Pain

Taping Techniques for Anterior Knee Pain Most BJJ and grapplers will experience knee pain at some point in their career. Although there are many causes of knee pain, one of the most common conditions includes patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS). This is a just a fancy word to describe pain where the knee cap (patella) meets …

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BJJ Elbow Injury | Rehab

BJJ Elbow Injuries are of the most common to occur. Among many others, which you can read about here: MOST COMMON BJJ INJURIES Often, these injuries are a result from hyper-extension of the elbow joint, when caught in an armbar. Understanding what structures in the elbow were likely injured is important. Consequently, this knowledge can …

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Most Common BJJ Injuries

Common BJJ Injuries

Common BJJ Injuries occur, due to, both training and competing. This post highlights recent grappling-based research. Which, looked at common BJJ injuries sustained during TRAINING and COMPETITION.   As a result, we better understand WHAT injuries commonly occur and WHEN.   Most Common BJJ Injuries Sustained During TRAINING: First, a research team gathered info from …

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