Median Nerve Test

Median Nerve Test

Struggling with neck, should, or elbow tightness, pain, or nagging aches? 

Sitting out of practice or skipping workouts to let it ‘rest-up? The Median Nerve Test is for you. 

Try our Median Nerve Test for tension or tightness. And fix it if it’s there.

Median Nerve

1 of 3 main nerves running from your neck down your shoulder, elbow and into your fingers.

The Median nerve runs to your middle fingers and when irritated can be painful, itchy, feel like running water, burning, give you pins and needles, and even numbness. If you have any of these symptoms, it is likely you have a problem with your nerve(s).

Median Nerve Test

With neck, shoulder, or elbow injuries, this nerve can get pinched, stretched, compressed, or all three. 

Leaving you with pain that you can’t quite figure out, or get to go away. 

Median Nerve Tension Test

Most athletes we help with elbow problems, fail this test. It common gives you tightness into your arm, fingers, or hand. If this gives you pins and needles in your arm or hand, or feels like YOUR pain, you fail the test.

How did you do?

Have tension or pain?

You have some Median nerve tension.

Simple cases can be resolved with some nerve glides or nerve flossing. This can release the nerve in areas it is trapped, compressed, or bound up.

Floss Your Nerve

This is one of the first steps we have athletes start when we help fix their median nerve problems.

1-3 sets, 25 reps as part of your warm-up.

Give this a try and see how you feel!

Have a more complex problem? I can help!

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