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Can’t Straighten your Elbow?

One of the most common symptoms we see after an athlete gets hurt in an armbar is pain and not being able to fully straighten their elbow.

Get your Elbow Straight after an Armbar

Once we are sure there is no fracture (check out this post on the 4-way range of movement test), we start to work on getting the pain levels down and getting the arm straight again.

From here, we can build everything back up and forget the elbow was ever injured.

Test & Re-Test how Straight you Can Get your Elbow

How to Test your Elbow

  • See how much you can straighten your elbow and put a number on the pain (0-10).
  • Add some pressure with a belt/band
  • Straighten your elbow at ~80% of your full effort. Push into a little but manageable discomfort.
  • Hold 6 seconds, relax.
  • Repeat 10x over a full minute.

Re-Test your Elbow – How Straight can it go?

Does your elbow get straighter? Is it less painful?

There’s more where this came from! Get access to our free Armbar Injury Workshop where we walk through everything you need to know to start getting your elbow injury back on track.

Can't Straighten Your Elbow? BJJ Armbar Injury Guide Grapplers Performance

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