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Airdyne Conditioning Workout

BJJ weekly workout airdyne conditioning workout

For this week’s BJJ Weekly Workout we’ve got a tough resistance bike / Airdyne Conditioning workout for you… Can you complete this Airdyne Conditioning Workout? This workout focuses on our fast glycolytic / oxidative energy system, which is great for conditioning. I actually use this often as a Test & Re-Test with our programming clients. …

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Shoulder Extension Test – BJJ Movement Screen

Shoulder Extension Test BJJ movement screen

Is your shoulder extension where it should be? The 3rd movement screen we are covering for common BJJ injuries is the shoulder extension. Your shoulder should allow your arm to go behind your back 45-60 degrees, without compensations. This movement is important for running, pulling movements like arm drags, fighting grips, bracing on the ground …

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Grapplers Performance Success Story Review

Check our this fun Before & After of a patient with have been working with recently who was kind of enough to give us permission to share his results so far. When we first met he had daily shoulder & neck pain, flaring up particularly bad after BJJ. Frustratingly this led him to stop training …

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